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Vetiveria zizanoides

Vetiver is one of my favourite essential oils.

It is beautifully grounding and as a base note, whilst it is deep and earthy, it has a unique sweetness. I find that combination provides a great background to blend with floral, citrus and herbaceous oils to create an unforgettable aromatherapy massage treatment.

Vetiver is great in massage for soothing and relaxing both the mind and muscles. It can strengthen and tone tired, loose and undernourished skin. It is an immune stimulant, indicated when stress depletes the body’s natural defences.

Known as the oil of tranquillity and can help you find your centre as it is grounding, regenerating and protecting. I like to add a few drops of vetiver, myrrh and black pepper to a diffuser when practicing yoga or meditation.

Calming, soothing and restorative, vetiver tones subtle energies and balances the root chakra. It protects against over sensitivity, facilitating visionary insights and wisdom.

Vetiver is a tall perennial grass and the essential oil is stream distilled from the washed, chopped roots, which are first dried to increase the oil yield and then soaked in water.

Vetiver has been a salvation for India as it stops the erosion of land, fights weed and pests, it is used to feed the animal, make ropes and features in Ayurveda medicine too.

Book a relaxing aromatherapy massage and feel the grounding effects of this beautiful tranquil oil. If you’d like to continue the effects at home, I can give advice on diffusing essential oils or creating your own soothing bat soak, get in touch!

Tip: only buy essential oils with the Latin name of the plant (vetiveria zizanoides) printed on the label as it is a sign of authenticity.

Source: Farrer-Halls, G (2018), The Complete Guide to Essential Oils, Quarto, London.

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