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Frequently Asked Questions


What is holistic massage?

“Holistic” means whole, therefore a holistic massage is a therapeutic massage that affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body. The techniques I use for a holistic massage are primarily from Swedish massage, however, I incorporate some techniques from Thai and Lomi lomi as I feel it provides a well-rounded massage treatment, integrating techniques from different backgrounds. Holistic massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and is a great choice is you’re looking for relaxation and tension relief.

What is the difference between deep tissue massage and sports massage?

This is a great question. Deep tissue is the foundation of sports massage; however, sports massage is tailored to the activity of the client. I offer Sports massage treatments as 60-minute slots only as it provides a better option to focus on a few parts of the body. Whereas, deep tissue massage is a full body treatment and I would recommend 90-minute treatments for deep tissue massage.

What does body massage include?

The areas of the body include: legs and glutes, back and shoulders, arms, chest, scalp, face, hands and feet. If you would like to focus on some areas more so than others or if there are any areas you would like to exclude please let me know. 

What are the benefits of massage?

There are many benefits to massage, the most common being relaxation, tension relief and feeling less stiff. However, regular massage can help improve circulation, aid digestion, speed up elimination of waste products, help promote good sleep and help reduce stress.

How often should I have a massage?

There are no hard and fast rules here, it’s entirely up to you! I wouldn’t recommend more frequently than once a week as your body needs time to recoup from the previous treatment, a little bit like how after a tough workout your body needs some rest; you wouldn’t do two leg days in a row! As a general rule of thumb, once a month would be a great way to reap the benefits of massage as a preventative therapeutic treatment.

What oil do you use?

I avoid using any nut oils, sweet almond oil is a popular massage oil but it’s possible to have a nut allergy and not be aware of it. So, I use soya bean oil, which is very light and high in vitamin E. It also won’t stain your clothes like grapeseed oil - another popular massage oil - can.

Do you play music?

Yes, I do play music during the massage but fear not, I don’t play Enya nor whale noises. I have made a few Spotify playlists of relaxing music to accompany the massage. If you have some specific music you would like to listen to during the massage please let me know, I would be more than happy to oblige. Also, if you’d prefer no music was played at all, please let me know.


Do we talk during the massage?

During the massage I will check-in with you regarding the pressure, other than that, I follow your lead: if some chit-chat would relax you, that’s fine by me and equally if you’d like to remain silent, I won’t chew your ear off!

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