"Cannot recommend Stephen enough. Feeling inredibly relaxed after a fantastic 90 minute massage tailored to my needs and we had a great communication on pressure during the massage too. Lovely space, relaxing music and a lovely guy, will be back!" (Stephen, Sept. 2019)

"One of the best massages I've ever had. Would highly recommend him and will be using his services again myself!" (Michael, Aug. 2020)

"Stephen is very skilled, I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and in a great mood" (Kas, March 2020)

"Great experience, very professional and on point therapy." (Fivos, Feb. 2020)

"Excellent massage. Good music and atmosphere. I recommend trying at least one of his massages" (Gerardo, Sept. 2019)

"Amazing, caring. Looking forward to the next session." Ilya (Nov 2019)

"This is definitely one of the best massages I have ever had and I will be back. Treat yourself to a massage from Stephen, your body and soul with thank you!" (Andre, July 2019)

"I was able to forget I was in London for an hour which is exactly what I needed" (Dan, Dec. 2019)

"Sublime aromatherapy massage" (Chris, Feb. 2020)

"I messaged Stephen at relatively short notice because I'd just ran a race and my muscle felt like they were seizing up. The massage was brilliant; firm but not painful. Stephen also pointed out to me which parts of my legs were paricularly tight, so that I could stretch these out aftewards to prevent any future injury. This worked out perfectly. I'd absolutely recommend getting a massage from Stephen" (Anon., Nov. 2019)

"The best, most intuitive and relaxing massage I've ever had! Very welcoming and relaxing room, and Stephen was so good in his manner, checking in on level of pressure and if I was comfortable. He pitched everything just right and is the total professional." (Piers, Nov 2019)

"One of the best massage I have had in my life. I would strongly recommend it to everyone, you won't be disappointed" (Matteo, Sept. 2019)

"I've been back several times" (Peter, August 2019)

"As a marathon runner, great massages are vital. Stephen is the ticket! Awesome. (Ian, Sept. 2019)

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Stephen Jackson 

Massage Therapist

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